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Colton Underwood on the ‘Bachelor’ Premiere, First Impression Rose, and Whether He Would Do ‘DWTS’



Colton Underwood on the 'Bachelor' Premiere, First Impression Rose, and Whether He Would Do 'DWTS'

Former football player Colton Underwood premiered as the star of “The Bachelor” last night!

On Tuesday, “Extra’s” Renee Bargh spoke with Underwood at Universal Studios Hollywood to break down the first episode.

Colton kept himself busy during the live three-hour season premiere, kissing not one but three women!

During their chat, Colton still played coy on whether he is currently engaged.

One thing he made clear is that he wants to be known for more than his virginity. Underwood said, “For me, I want people to get a better understanding of who I am as a whole. Right now, everyone is saying, ‘Colton the virgin’ — there is so much more to me… I think everybody as individuals have a bunch of little things that make them who they are.”

Fair enough, but… does he still have his “V card”? Colton commented, “I’m waiting for a moment to be in love and you guys are on the journey with me to see, can I fall in love?”

During the premiere, Colton gave the first impression rose to Hannah G. He shared, “It was very important on the first night just to have a connection of chemistry and she just owned the fact that she was nervous.I was nervous. She reminded me of home, and that’s a good thing.”

Of the reports that Hannah is the one he chose in the end, Colton emphasized, “I wanted to lean on my gut and trust my gut and follow my heart and I did that from the very beginning.”

Underwood also dished on the promos that show him jumping over a fence in an upcoming episode. While he didn’t get hurt, the 26-year-old noted, “For me, when I get overwhelmed, when I get in that moment, I need to be myself, and in that moment I left the show. I needed my space, I needed my time, and I needed to get away — I had to get over a fence to get my freedom.”

Will Colton follow in the footsteps of other Bachelors and compete on “Dancing with the Stars”? He answered, “I mean, yeah — any cool opportunity. I am all about having fun experiences and opportunities in my life.”

Does he have two left feet, though? Colton confided, “I think I am very coachable.”

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