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Get a Refurbished 4K Vizio TV for Cheap, and More Great 4K TV Deals





The 4K future is here and now.

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The Earth is tilting away from the sun once again, and that means longer nights and cooler days. That’s perfect weather for staying inside and watching TV, or playing games in glorious 4K. There is a deluge of great games rushing toward us in the upcoming weeks, so if you want to avoid being swept away, make sure your games look as amazing as possible with a 4K TV set.

Vizio 55-inch 4K TV

On Walmart

Refurbished model

Over the years, I’ve owned many refurbished electronics, and I can say from personal experience, refurbs are awesome. You get a product that’s statistically very unlikely to break down, has already been through testing, and you can extend the warranty by three years for $36, if you’re the cautious type.

Vizio 43-inch 4K TV

On Walmart

Refurbished model.

A smaller, but still acceptable, refurb unit from Vizio. If 55-inches is too many inches, but 4K is just the right amount of Ks, this is a great deal.

Samsung 55-inch 6-Series 4K TV

You have to add this one to your cart to see the price, but I went ahead and posted it for you. This is from Samsung’s mid-range television line-up, and doesn’t have all the sparkling features of its more expensive siblings, but it’s still a great TV at an excellent price.

Sharp 55-inch 4K TV

On Walmart

4K resolution, HDR, 3 HDMI, component/composite, 3 USB ports

This 4K from Sharp has a great price, as well as 3 USB ports. I don’t know about you, but I’m always about 2 USB ports short, so having 3 sitting there on the TV is awesome. You can use them to charge controllers or power your USB-powered devices, like the upcoming PlayStation Classic.

Sceptre 65-inch 4K TV

On Walmart

4K resolution, 4 HDMI ports, 1 composite and 1 component port

This remains the best deal on a 65-inch 4K TV. While it lacks HDR, it is 65-inches of 4K TV for $420. If you want a second TV and want to go big, or you just don’t care about HDR, this is the TV to get.

JVC 55-inch 4K TV

On Walmart

4K resolution, HDR, and built-in Chromecast

This JVC includes built-in Chromecast, making it another great 4K choice if you’re looking for a second television. It can work well as a primary set, too, and with 20-watt speakers built-in, it’s going to be a lot louder than most other models in this price range.

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