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Trump Jr., Kimberly Guilfoyle gave themselves a nickname



Tabloids have long given nicknames to celebrity power couples — Brangelina, Kimye, TomKat, and even Billary — but Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle have bestowed one upon themselves.

“Hashtag Donberly,” the 49-year-old former Fox News personality, who now works for pro-Trump super PAC America First Policies, said while speaking to some Trump-loving teens at a Turning Point USA event, The Cut reports.

“He’s savage, isn’t he?” Guilfoyle also said to the crowd about her silver spoon boyfriend, 40, adding what was previously revealed: That her term of endearment for him is Junior Mints, a nickname that makes everyone uncomfortable, apparently except for them.

The schtick seems hard to believe, but that’s totally their thing. At a different campaign event, Trump Jr. spoke after Guilfoyle and said to the crowd, “Can someone come up here and take the mic for a few minutes? I don’t like following Kimberly. She does not make this easy.” For the record, he has said his term of endearment for Guilfoyle is Pooh Bear.

The pair’s relationship has played out very publicly amid his divorce from wife Vanessa, which is not yet finalized. Trump Jr., who has five children, and Guilfoyle, a twice-divorced mom of one, have been pushing the GOP agenda and backing various Republican candidates all across the country.  In their downtime, the MAGA match made in heaven like to wear camo, shoot things, and fish. And seemingly ignore the negative chatter about themselves.

Needless to say, the pair’s self-given portmanteau has caused some laughs on the internet. They were a punchline on The Late Late Show with James Corden, with the host saying his “appetite is gone-berly” after hearing “Donberly.” He mockingly added, “Here’s the thing with celebrity nicknames: You can’t just come up with your own. It has to be given to you.”

While Donberly hasn’t taken off on Instagram (there are just 25 mentions of it), on Twitter there’s a livelier discussion, but not the most pleasant one on any front. Apologies if you just ate…

Oy. But they can’t be that surprised really. Right?

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