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Chocolate Brown Hair Color Trend – Spring Hair Color Trends



Chocolate Brown Hair Color Trend - Spring Hair Color Trends

Spring is an exciting, but confusing season. It’s snowing one day and raining the next, suddenly you want to Marie Kondo your closet because you hate all of your clothes, and for some unknown reason, you want — no need — to change your hair… now. 

A new hair color is a guaranteed to spark joy when the only thing that feels predictable about spring is just how unpredictable the season can be. If all of the recent Hollywood hair color changes are any indication, celebs can’t resist the siren call of coloring their hair at the start of a new season, too. 

As for what hair color you should try for spring 2019, all signs point to chocolate brown. Instead of adding warm highlights or going full-on blonde, celebs are going darker by opting for the rich brunette shade. The unexpected spring hair trend dominated the Oscars red carpet, and more and more stars have been dyeing their hair darker in recent weeks. 

The deep brunette color will look shiny as hell in the sun once all of those rainy spring days are over, but heat can oxidize this hair color, making it look dull and brassy. To prevent unwanted yellow or orange tones in chocolate brown hair, Stephanie Brown, master hair colorist at IGK Salon Soho, recommends not washing your hair everyday, not taking scorching hot showers, and using a purple or blue shampoo once a week to cancel out these unwanted undertones from your color.

Another obvious, but easy tip that’ll protect dark hair? Wear a hat when you’re going to be spending a lot of time outside. 

Keep scrolling to see how nine celebs are embracing spring’s chocolate brown hair color trend. Then, call your colorist. 

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