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How to Wear Green Eyeshadow & Eyeliner – 2019 Makeup Trends



How to Wear Green Eyeshadow & Eyeliner - 2019 Makeup Trends

Green is the Rotten Tomatoes of eyeshadow colors. It’s bright, easily clashes with other makeup products, plus it’s the official color of Slytherin House. No wonder is has low ratings as an eyeshadow color. 

But, 2019 just might be the year that green becomes more than the one leftover shadow in your palette. The shade is quickly turning into the most popular eye makeup color on the red carpet, seen on celebs like Emma Stone and Issa Rae. Given that slime green clothing and hair had a moment last year, it was only a matter of time before people started brushing it on their eyelids.  

“Green eyeshadow is and will continue to be trending in 2019 because of its many shades and ability to bring out your eye color,” says New York City-based makeup artist Neil Scibelli. “I also think people are finding various ways to wear the shade, which makes is universally wearable for everyone.”  

The shade, not the color itself, is what can make wearing green eyeshadow so tricky. Scibelli recommends starting with a shade you’re comfortable with and building up to it.

“It all really goes back to how bold or loud you’re looking for your green to be,” he says. “If you have lighter eyes, a darker green will define them more and make your eyes pop. For darker eye colors, try lighter shades of green, which will bring out the warmth in their eyes, and make them stand out. If you’re just looking to bring out your eye color in general, look for a shade of green that has hints of gold in it (something in the forest green family).” To take things to the next level, you can always mix metallic pigments into your green shadow or liner. 

For ideas on how to wear green eyeshadow and eyeliner, check out these 10 celebrities who’ve all embraced this 2019 makeup trend. 

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