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Influence Peddler: Diana Madison Launches Skin-care Brand



Influence Peddler: Diana Madison Launches Skin-care Brand

Diana Madison wants to bring women to the forefront by first directing them to the back of their beauty bottles.
The beauty entrepreneur, who is a creator and executive producer of the TV show “Glam Masters” with Kim Kardashian, and mother of two never paid attention to ingredients until she began experiencing post-pregnancy skin issues. While at Coachella a few years ago, Madison visited a dermatologist in Palm Springs who identified her skin troubles as eczema, promptly instructing her to use clean beauty products. So she took a trip to Rite Aid.
“I remember being at the Cetaphil section and being like, this is my life,” she recalled. “Cetaphil looks like barbecue products. It’s not appealing, it’s not cute. I would never tell anyone I’m using it.”
Fast-forward to Aug. 22, when she officially launches her skin-care brand, Diana Madison Beauty, to coincide with her birthday. Her eponymous brand debuts online with one product: a face oil called Glowtopia, $45, that contains prickly pear seed oil high in vitamin E. The oil, which Madison recommends using morning and night, is meant to be antiaging, protect against environmental stressors and be gentle enough to be used by those who have eczema. It is also

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