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Jack Ma Affirms Alibaba’s Global Ambitions at VivaTech



Jack Ma Affirms Alibaba’s Global Ambitions at VivaTech

PARIS — French President Emmanuel Macron, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and a roster of high-profile executives kicked off the VivaTech fair Thursday, with Alibaba chairman and cofounder Jack Ma taking to the stage to share his views on education in a digital age, his company’s future, China’s rapid rise in the digital sphere and European regulation.
“Where we have problems, we start to solve the problems, then think about rules and laws,” said the charismatic executive, referring to his country’s approach, and comparing it to Europe.
“They have a problem? They start to make rules and laws. I worry about Europe,” he said. 
“I worry about the worries of Europe. Africa does not worry, Asia does not worry,” he continued. 
Noting concern about artificial intelligence, the executive said the company would employ such technology to “catch thieves.”
While “bad guys are doing bad things, we’re using artificial intelligence to catch the bad guys,” he said noting the “yin and yang balance” of the situation. With trillions of transactions on its payment system, Alipay, “a lot of people want to steal money,” he added. 
The executive suggested it was a matter of how people view technology.
“If you see technology as a problem, I’m sorry to say the

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