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Stink-Stifling Socks : odorless socks



These Odorless Socks Use Metal Wiring to Banish Unwanted Stench

Socks feel like one of those product categories that can’t really be improved on because they’re so simple in nature, but a Chinese startup is stamping out any such notion by drawing on high-tech chemistry and metals engineering principles to craft odorless socks that can be worn for days on end without causing a stink.

The MP Magic Socks are infused with silver, copper and zinc wires that are designed to destroy odor-causing bacteria responsible for the distinctly unpleasant smell of stinky feet.

Although there are other odorless socks out there on the market, these tend to only use silver linings. However, the sole use of silver linings in socks is associated with a dark cloud in the fact that the material washes off over time until it’s rendered useless. Unlike these one-trick pony products, the MP Magic Socks use a trio of metals that are embedded in the socks using techniques developed for aerospace applications.

The difference in odor between MP Magic Socks and regular old socks is directly proportionate to the intensity of physical activity. This means that the more physical activity you engage in and the more you sweat, the greater the noticeable difference between these odorless socks and regular socks.

While the use of metal threading may provoke concerns about comfort, the MP Magic Socks happen to be just as comfortable as other regular socks of similar thickness. If anything, these socks are more breathable than regular socks, and offer a combination of stiffness and durability that is evident the moment you put them on.

With odor-banishing properties, comfort and longevity all accounted for, the last remaining selling point is style, and the MP Magic Socks certainly deliver on this front. Cognizant of the fact that even the most innovatively functional socks need to look good, MP Magic Socks have been made available in a variety of collections ranging from sporty and street-wise to athletic and funky.

Available for prices starting as low as $9.90, the MP Magic Socks are a laudable example of what seems like an ancient product category being improved on using innovative engineering. What’s more, the increasingly important style factor has been retained if not elevated, making this a footwear product that ticks every box including boxes that other sock-makers seem unaware of.

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