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Virgil Abloh Knows Sometimes You Need to Wear a Rude T-Shirt




virgil abloh at paris fashion week

Francois Guillot/Getty Images

The designer let his chest speak volumes.

Yesterday Virgil Abloh debuted his Spring 2019 Off-White women’s collection during Paris Fashion Week. The “track and field”-themed lineup was an extension of Abloh’s Nike Women’s apparel collaboration, which Serena Williams memorably debuted at the U.S. Open this summer. Virgil cast Nike-endorsed athletes on the runway, used radioactive green and voluminous tulle liberally, and then took his bow wearing a “Watch Your Back” T-shirt that emphasized the collection’s tough, confident, and competitive spirit.

One reason that all worked: we’re living in a good time for graphic T-shirts. Whether you’re into retro logos, political statements, or weird DIY styles, there’s a lot to choose from. (There’s also a good vs. evil thing happening that feels uh, culturally appropriate right now.) “Peace Posse”, “LOVE”, and “Thank You for Being a Friend” are just a few of the sweet phrases you’ll find on designer tees this season. And on the other side of the coin: “Hi, I Don’t Care THANKS”, “Fuck Em!”, “Get a Grip”—the list of aggressive statements goes on. Abloh has made inclusion and kind heartedness something of a trademark (see: his entire Louis Vuitton debut, but reached for the rebel T-shirt for a change of pace on Thursday. Because you can be a nice guy and wear a mean T-shirt.

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