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2019 BMW X7 Interior Review: 6 Superficially Satisfying Details



2019 BMW X7 xDrive40i front three quarter 2

The $750 Panoramic Sky Lounge LED roof is a large two-panel moonroof that can be illuminated in six colors. The only thing missing is a seventh option that automatically changes the light from one color to another. We’ve seen the colorful moonroof tech on the 7 Series, but it makes even more sense on a three-row SUV like the X7.

White and Blue

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Our X7 tester wore BMW’s white-and-blue interior color scheme, which looked fantastic. But how will a mostly white interior hold up over time? That concern and the option’s price—$3,700 or $5,150 depending on whether your X7 is an M Sport or Luxury model—might lead us to another interior color.

This Detail Counts

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Some X7s offer impressively intricate seat piping that matches what we’ve seen in the 7 Series. The interweaving piping design is a step up from piping available from mainstream brands, and it looks great.

Full Power

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If convenience is more important to you than speed, the X7’s power-operated seats should be a great perk, especially when a second-row passenger is adjusting the seat. Second-row captain’s chairs are available, turning the X7 into a six-seater (the standard version seats seven). Overall, there’s a respectable amount of space in the third row, especially if the second-row passengers move forward a tad. Getting in and out, however, is still not as easy as it is a minivan.

Wait, is That the Button I Want?

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The X7 won’t handle like a 3 Series, but the two BMWs do share one interior design element we hope to see improved. You must look down at the center console to change drive modes; the flat buttons can’t easily be distinguished by touch so you can keep your eyes on the road.

One other issue: Like associate road test editor Erick Ayapana found with a 2019 BMW X5 and his iPhone XR, I had occasional connection difficulties with our X7 tester’s Apple CarPlay system (using an iPhone 6S).

Should I Get One?

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Assuming you have enough space to park a 203.3-inch SUV … maybe. The X7’s good EPA fuel economy ratings and large fuel tank mean the six-cylinder model has a long driving range, and except for one detail, the BMW drives well, too. Get the full story in our 2019 BMW X7 xDrive40i First Test here.

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