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Chevy Reportedly Fast-Tracking Camaro ‘Concept’ To Production




Not all facelifts are successful. Take, for example, the schnoz of the updated 2019 Chevrolet Camaro SS, which places its bow-tie badge on the crossbar that bisects the upper- and lower-grille openings. The awkward badge location has not gone unnoticed, and Chevrolet is reportedly working on a fix for the V8-powered pony car come model-year 2020.

Chevy is allegedly previewing the new look with its Speciality Equipment Market Association show-bound Shock green Camaro SS. While the tennis-ball hue of the show car may be its most attention-grabbing feature, keen eyes will notice the car’s revised front fascia, which places the Chevy badge in the upper grille. Additionally, the Shock green show car features a body-color grille crossbar as opposed to the black piece found on the production 2019 Camaro SS.

Although these changes are seemingly small, the front-end of the Shock green Camaro show car is considerably prettier than that of its mass-produced counterpart. We reached out to Chevrolet to confirm if the SEMA car’s front-end is production bound, but have yet to hear back from a spokesperson.

Nevertheless, we anticipate the Shock green Camaro’s nose will find its way to the 2020 Camaro SS. Expect the new front end to shelter the same 455-horsepower (339-kilowatt) 6.2-liter V8 engine featured in today’s car. Regardless of Chevy’s intentions, we’d advise the bow-tie brand to fast-track its SEMA car’s altered fascia into production. 

Source: GMAuthority


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