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NHTSA opens query into GM’s recall of 2015 GMC Canyon, Chevy Colorado



NHTSA opens query into GM's recall of 2015 GMC Canyon, Chevy Colorado

“The question here is why did GM not come back to NHTSA to address these additional 100,000 vehicles,” Jason Levine, executive director of the Center for Auto Safety in Washington, D.C., said in an e-mail. “Kudos to NHTSA for reviewing the complaints and digging in to what could be a dangerous defect. Time will tell exactly how dangerous.”

A complaint reported to NHTSA April 7 claimed a GMC dealer told a Yucaipa, Calif., consumer that his GMC Canyon was not part of the 2016 recall.

“GMC is trying to minimize the total number of recalls” the complaint said. “The dealer wants a huge amount of money to troubleshoot and possibly repair [the] issue.”

The consumer reported in the complaint that the power steering failed at least five times, causing alarms in the vehicle to sound and the steering wheel to jerk.

“Alarms will reset if I stop and turn off the vehicle and then restart but that’s not really possible at freeway speeds or in local traffic,” the complaint said. “This safety issue needs to be addressed ASAP before someone is injured or killed because of known issue.”

Across the U.S., multiple complaints stated the power steering failed at a variety of speeds or while the driver was turning the vehicle.

NHTSA did not report the names of the complainants.

The Associated Press reported the new investigation.

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