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Ram dealers happy to have 1500 Classic pickup to sell



Ram dealers happy to have 1500 Classic pickup to sell

David Kelleher, who owns David Dodge-Chrysler-Jeep-Ram in Glen Mills, Pa., said the Classic provided needed sales support as the redesigned 1500 rolled out toward the end of last year. Kelleher said sales and revenue can take a hit during a model switchover when supplies of the new vehicle are tight, but the Classic was able to fill a void early on as it reeled in buyers looking for a deal.

Kelleher is selling about 40 Ram trucks per month. Without the Classic, he thinks that figure would dip to around 30.

“In that transition, you might drop to 20 or 18 [a month] because of lack of supply and because of sticker shock,” Kelleher told Automotive News. “The customers coming in and buying $350 a month and are suddenly facing $475. You’re just going to lose some people.” The Classic, he said, “helped us negate that.”

Don Lee, a Ram dealer in Maine, agreed that having the Classic was critical during the launch of the redesigned 1500. “Sooner or later, I think the Classic will lose steam,” he said, predicting a tail-off by year end. “Our sales have picked up dramatically with the new design, and they’re dropping off on the Classic.”

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