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7 Helpful Tips for Taking Better Group Photos



Sure, that selfie of you and your crew is cute and all, but the same setup time and time again gets old.

Here, seven tricks for taking better group photos, whether it’s for your annual holiday card or just so that people quit de-tagging your party albums on Facebook.

Use a Self-Timer

Open your iPhone’s camera and then tap the icon at the top that looks like a watch face. Select either three or ten seconds on the timer, hit the shutter button and then run to get into the shot. See? Better than a selfie. (You just may want to invest in a cheap tripod.)

Don’t Be Afraid to Position Everyone

You already know that the tallest members of your entourage should stand in the back, but if everyone’s in a single line, make sure they’re not leaning in from the side. They’ll hate it later.

Know What to Do With Your Arms and Hands

Avoid any awkwardness by making sure the group’s body language (and especially hand positioning) seems right for the pic. Even if it feels weird to plan your poses ahead of time, trust: It will pay off.

Pay Attention to Clothing

If you’re setting up a staged family photo, pay attention to any clashing patterns—or, conversely, matching hues that will blend together and cause a blob-like appearance. You’d be surprised which colors work well together (looking at you, olive and rust) and give depth to a group shot. (And, of course, pick out the most photogenic outfit for yourself ahead of time.)

Make Everyone Appear Slimmer

Turning slightly to the side and crossing one foot over the other will automatically reduce the amount of space you take up in the snap and help you appear more slender. Tell others in the group to turn in toward the middle person for a more relaxed effect.

Teach Everyone the “Soft Smile”

Squinching, no teeth, the soft smile… Call it what you want, but it’s all the same. Learning to smile without a maniacal Cheshire Cat look on your face is a guaranteed way to be pleased with what goes up on social media.

Be as Candid as Possible

Take a cue from the royal family: Even if you have to sort of fake it, a less posed picture is all the more endearing and relatable.



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